We chose our method of flow testing one injector at a time to maintain repeated accuracy. Firing two or more injectors at once can cause electrical current and fluid pressure variations of one injector to influence the output of other injectors. This is why we invested in a simple yet labor intensive method and it is well worth our time and effort. Our repeated clientele and engine builders have noticed the quality especially in performance of their motors.

We are able to run each injector for long periods of time to a specific operating temperature before flow testing. This is how injectors perform 99 percent of the time on any motor. Injectors in a cold state can be erratic and unstable thereby skewing the output flow. A properly cleaned, warmed up injector will repeat the same flow rates every time it is fired. This is when we accurately determine if the injector is lean, flooding or flowing within specifications.

For cleaning and flow testing we use a specific solvent that is safe and odorless with specific gravity almost the same as gasoline. This solvent can be used in an ultrasonic tank and not only cleans injectors very well but also does not cause any long term adverse reaction or damage to injectors.  

Our method enables us to measure flow output on a gram scale in increments to one hundredth of a gram. This data is later converted to cc per minute on the injector flow test report. Repeated test fires can be rapidly obtained to see if the injector is stable in output flow or not.  If the injector is erratic it can easily be back flushed and the same process of flow testing repeated.

We calibrate and monitor our equipment on a daily basis in a controlled environment. We monitor test fluid temperature, specific gravity, fluid pressure and electrical input to our injector drivers. This is critical during flow testing. All of this enables us to obtain the most accurate measurement.

We have also developed a method of mechanically adjusting most top feed flooding injectors saving our customers hundreds of dollars. This calibration method is closely protected from our competitors but can simply be explained to customers who elect to have their otherwise bad injectors saved and reused for many more years.

We pride ourselves in what we do and deliver service second to none. Feel free to email or call us during our normal business hours.

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