We have served the F-1, Drag Boat and the Recreational Boater Industry since 2001. Our injector flow testing equipment was developed by a former Bosch engineer using the same test parameters as performed during manufacturing. Our method of flow testing one injector at a time has proven to be the most accurate way to measure injector flow rates. No one does it better than Brucato!  Read more.....  
You will receive a report containing detailed results regarding your set of injectors, including 
Pre-Cleaning Data and Post-Cleaning Data. To view a sample report, CLICK HERE.

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Please either print out and complete the INJECTOR CLEANING REQUEST FORM 
and send with your injectors or FILL OUT THE FORM ONLINE and print out when completed. 
Phone - 919-367-6943
Email - brucatofis@gmail.com
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The injectors in your outboard motor have a tough life! The combination of irregular engine use and a fuel/oil mixture results in residue build-up in your injectors. This can cause:

  Reduced fuel flow or fuel flooding conditions
  Reduced fuel mileage
  Rough idle
  Reduced horsepower
  Loss of top speed RPMs
  Engine failure 

The overall purpose of having a cleaned and balanced set of injectors is to allow for optimum performance from your motor.
 While having your injectors serviced, it is also time to consider 
installing new reeds.  We offer Chris Carson Single Stage Reeds.

Chris Carson Reeds – reed chart and pricing
Restore the lost horsepower of your EFI motor!
It is highly recommended that you insure your package for the recommended Cost Replacement Value below.
Please call or email us before shipping your injectors so that we'll be expecting them!

$441 (gray) / $464 (blue)
When performing the flow testing and calibration of your injectors we cycle the injectors at:
Please direct all questions regarding Mercury ECU, ACU and SVS to Linda or Tony Brucato at 919-718-0249 or visit www.BrucatoSVS.com
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Yamaha bushings for outboard models VF, VZ and VX. 

Price: $70 for a set of six
***Prices are subject to change***
$25/injector or $150/set of 6
$20/set of 6 
$25/set of 6 
$32/injector or $192/set of 6
$25/injector or $150/set of 6
$25/injector or $150/set of 6